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Sealing your home with Spray Foam Insulation in NM

I just heard from one of my clients, a guy that was SOLD on blown-in insulation. He wrote this—

“My daughter came in and told me that the light above her bathroom had gone out. I went and got
a new bulb, a ladder, and went in to replace the faulty bulb. As I pulled the worn (recessed can) bulb
out of its receptacle, I was astonished at the amount of cold air that was being emitted from the
can assembly!! They are (by all building codes) encapsulated by insulation. If I had used spray foam
insulation, would I have had this same type of issue?”

My answer to him was “no. you wouldn’t have felt any cold air coming through that cavity because the
air infiltration caused this draft. R-value had nothing to do with this happening.”

Sealing off air, whether it be hot or cold, makes more difference than any conductivity of heat/cool
transfer. And it is seeping into your house in the tiniest cracks. Think about it.

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