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Considering re-roofing your home? Consider spray foam…

I was called out to a project in Deming, New Mexico a while back; the owner needed a new roof on his
commercial dwelling. He had a quote for a standing seam metal roof, but had recently replaced his
evaporate coolers with refrigerated air, and his mechanical contractor mentioned to him that he only
had about 6 inches of fiberglass in his attic and should consider adding more insulation to help his new
mechanical system perform more effectively. So now he was saddled not only with installing a new
expensive metal roof, but adding a bunch of insulation into his attic. That’s when he called us.

I measured the project and sent him a quote. A brand new 2.8# closed cell sprayfoam roof was less than
$3000 higher than his metal roof quote, and now he doesn’t have to worry about adding any insulation
in the attic space.

Consider these benefits of a sprayfoam roofing system:

1. The reflective properties of a sprayfoam roof alone are beneficial toward saving on monthly
cooling bills during summer months.
2. Maintains a lower attic temperate because the closed cell structure of the material used on the
3. Adds structural integrity to the dwelling.
4. With proper maintenance, a sprayfoam roof can last as long as any other type of roof on the
market. Closed cell foam is water proof in itself, however ultraviolet rays break down the foam
itself, so traditionally acrylic or elastomeric coatings are applied on top of the foam. We offer
a ‘5 and 5’ warranty, which means that we go out and inspect the roofing system within 5 years
of installation, perform any maintenance that needs to be taken care of, and warrant the system
for another 5 years.
5. Cuts down on dust because there is no air movement thru the roofing assembly.
6. Weighs less than a half a pound per square foot when applied at 1 ½ inches thick.

We just installed a roofing system on a 60 year old business in El Paso, Tx. that had NO insulation in
the attic. It was installed during the coldest part of the year and the owner noticed a considerable
difference in the comfort level of the dwelling immediately. We expect that his cooling bills during the
summer months will save him approximately $3000/month, paying back his investment in less than 5
years. Payback on a solar system is typically 3 times longer.

New Era Blog: Considering reroofing your home? Consider spray foam…

Consider this, especially if you’re contemplating a sprayfoam roof for a commercial property. Texas
A&M University has over 10 million square feet of sprayfoam roofing on their properties; if it doesn’t
have tile on it, it has foam on it.

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